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You Should Be Eating THIS Mushroom: 9 Amazing Benefits of the Lion’s Mane Mushroom : Conscious Life News

You Should Be Eating THIS Mushroom: 9 Amazing Benefits of the Lion’s Mane Mushroom : Conscious Life News

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By Dr. Josh Axe |

What would you consider consuming a mushroom that appears somewhat like the scruff of a lion? Not completely satisfied about lion’s mane mushroom? What if I advised you that it’s related to main mind restore, potential cancer-fighting energy and is present process analysis on dozens of different well being advantages?

Lion’s mane mushroom is a nootropic meals very fashionable in conventional Chinese language drugs. A big physique of analysis has targeted round this brain-boosting mushroom in the previous couple of years, and the outcomes are nothing brief of astounding.

One research revealed in the Journal of Agricultural and Meals Chemistry lists the advantages by stating lion’s mane mushroom is “antibiotic, anticarcinogenic, antidiabetic, anti-fatigue, antihypertensive, anti-hyperlipodemic, anti-senescence [anti-aging], cardioprotective, hepatoprotective, nephroprotective, and neuroprotective, and improves anxiety, cognitive function, and depression.” (1)

Wow. That’s fairly an inventory!

Whether or not you’re fascinated with making an attempt out lion’s mane mushroom in your mushroom espresso or are simply curious what this odd-looking fungus could be good for, I’m positive you’re going to be impressed.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Benefits

1. Enhances Mind Perform

Perhaps the most completely researched function of lion’s mane mushroom is its impression on mind cells and associated features. This unimaginable fungus might have revolutionary influence on neurodegenerative illnesses.

One technique by which lion’s mane impacts mind perform is by enhancing “neurite outgrowth” in the mind and associated organs, in response to analysis revealed in the Worldwide Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms. (2, three) Neurite outgrowth refers to the progress of axons and dendrites from neurons (anyone’s highschool biology courses coming again?).

That’s an enormous deal in mind well being analysis. By growing this progress, it might probably be attainable to sluggish or reverse cell degeneration in the mind — the primary attribute of illnesses like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

A 2012 research carried out in Malaysia discovered that consuming lion’s mane mushroom might truly regenerate broken cells from peripheral nerve damage, an damage affecting the delicate tissue between your mind and spinal twine. (four)

When learning how mind illnesses is perhaps affected by specific drugs or remedies, scientists typically use what is called the PC12cell line for testing. Extracts and numerous types of lion’s mane mushroom appear to have a serious influence on PC12 cells, defending them from injury and delaying their cell demise considerably. This discovering might show to be extraordinarily related for prevention or remedy of mind circumstances. (5, 6, 7)

In animal analysis revealed in Proof-Based mostly Complementary and Various Drugs, lion’s mane mushroom stimulates cognitive perform and helps enhance reminiscence in rats, each with and with out an Alzheimer’s mannequin. (eight) A number of research have discovered an inverse correlation between lion’s mane and Alzheimer’s-related signs, which means that after consuming the mushroom extract, the rats’ signs improved. (9, 10)

An enchancment of delicate cognitive impairment in people was additionally present in analysis revealed in Phytotherapy Analysis after eight to 16 weeks of lion’s mane supplementation, though this enchancment didn’t final after topics stopped taking this complement. (11)

The hazard of ischemic damage (injury brought on by a scarcity of blood move) to neurons can also be of significance whenever you’re speaking about mind injury and illness. In laboratory checks carried out in Taiwan, lion’s mane mushroom has been proven to assist forestall this sort of damage. (12)

Taking dietary supplements of lion’s mane has additionally been discovered to have probably protecting results on the unfold of Parkinson’s Illness, one other neurodegenerative dysfunction, in accordance with analysis revealed in the Journal of Translational Drugs. (13)

Whereas this analysis continues to be in its infancy and has not progressed to large-scale human trials usually, the constant impact lion’s mane mushroom has been discovered to have on mind cells shouldn’t be ignored.

2. Might Shield Towards Most cancers

Lion’s mane can also be vital in treating most cancers, based on a number of analysis. (14) In various levels, compounds from or supplementation with lion’s mane mushroom has been discovered to probably sluggish the development or reverse the unfold of:

In regard to leukemia, lion’s mane was proven to considerably scale back leukemia cells in a Korean research. (15) Additional Korean analysis carried out by the Division of Molecular Science and Know-how at Ajou College discovered that because of the phytochemicals in lion’s mane mushroom, it has “therapeutic potential against human leukemia.” (16)

So far as gastric most cancers is worried, a research revealed in the Worldwide Journal of Organic Macromolecules discovered that lion’s mane cell dying and cell cycle arrest with gastric most cancers. The researchers concluded, “our study provides in vitro evidence that HEG-5 may be taken as a potential candidate for treating gastric cancer.” (17)

Research revealed in the Journal of Pure Merchandise and Kaohsiung Journal of Medical Sciences unearth the potential of lion’s mane mushroom to deal with lung most cancers. (18, 19) In the meantime, in accordance the Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology and the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, lion’s mane reveals anticancer exercise towards colon, breast and different cancers as nicely. (20, 21)

Some research truly recommend the use of lion’s mane mushroom dietary supplements to deal with most cancers, though long-term and large-scale research haven’t been carried out to show that as a viable choice.

One other fascinating discovering concerned the metastasis (most cancers spreading) from the colon to the lung. When a most cancers spreads to greater than the unique organ through which it was discovered, a affected person is taken into account to have stage IV most cancers. In a research carried out on rats out of Korea, rats got both scorching water lion’s mane extract or microwaved ethanol extracts of lion’s mane mushroom. By consuming lion’s mane extract, the rats studied confirmed inhibited metastasis of most cancers cells to the lungs by 66 % and 69 %, respectively. (22)

three. Helps Coronary heart and Circulatory System Well being

Lion’s mane mushroom may additionally assist you to in stopping coronary heart illness. Analysis has discovered that extracts of lion’s mane can forestall the improve of LDL ldl cholesterol (typically known as “bad” ldl cholesterol), improve HDL, or “good,” ldl cholesterol and decrease triglycerides in the bloodstream, an early indicator of coronary heart illness. (23, 24)

Stroke, a scarcity of blood provide to the mind from the coronary heart, is usually brought on by blood clots. It’s additionally associated to atherosclerosis, a critical coronary heart situation. An extract of lion’s mane mushroom could possibly forestall blood clots and assist to scale back the danger of stroke, in response to a research by from the Division of Mobile Signaling, Graduate Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Tohoku College in Japan. (25)

four. May Enhance Digestive Well being

Due partially to its highly effective anti-inflammatory properties, lion’s mane mushroom may enhance the perform of your abdomen and digestive system.

In a number of research, lion’s mane mushroom has been proven to guard from or shrink gastric ulcers. As an example, in accordance a research carried out on rats by the Mushroom Analysis Centre at the College of Malaya in Malaysia, researchers concluded the bioactive compounds in lion’s mane extract could also be answerable for the gastroprotective exercise exhibited on the rats. (26) Analysis from China revealed in the Worldwide Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms confirms this, noting that “results indicate that the polysaccharide fraction is the active component of the H. erinaceus mycelium culture, which protects against gastric ulcers.” (27)

Lion’s mane may considerably enhance signs of two main inflammatory issues of the digestive system, gastritis and inflammatory bowel illness. (28, 29)

5. Reduces Irritation

Though it’s a comparatively totally different means of taking a look at well being, analysis on pure methods to scale back irritation is a serious approach pure well being practitioners assist forestall illness.

A 2015 research out of Japan discovered that lion’s mane mushroom was capable of scale back irritation in fatty tissue. That is essential as a result of fatty tissue irritation is a think about the formation of metabolic syndrome, a cluster of circumstances that improve your danger of coronary heart illness, stroke and diabetes. (30)

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Lion’s mane additionally has antibacterial results towards h. Pylori, typically thought-about “the most successful pathogen in human history.” Many individuals by no means have signs of carrying the micro organism, however for some individuals it causes extreme gastric circumstances, like ulcers in the abdomen and/or intestines. (31, 32)


Lion's mane mushroom - Dr. Axe


6. Acts as a Highly effective Antioxidant

Preventing free radical injury has a quantity of well being advantages, together with the prevention of illness. The molecules in lion’s mane mushroom have antioxidant talents and assist forestall and relieve the oxidative stress brought on by poor vitamin and publicity to chemical compounds in the surroundings. (33, 34)

One particular method these antioxidants could also be helpful is in the therapeutic of wounds. A research at the College of Malaya discovered that a liquid extract of lion’s mane sped up wound therapeutic considerably in comparison with pure therapeutic in rats. (35)

These antioxidants may:

  • Assist forestall osteoporosis (36)
  • Shield from alcohol-induced liver injury (37)
  • Sluggish the getting old of pores and skin (38)

7. Enhance Psychological Well being and General Properly-Being

A lion’s mane mushroom complement may additionally provide help to to really feel higher by enhancing sleep and decreasing the results of psychological well being points.

The highly effective polysaccharides extracted from lion’s mane have been proven to struggle fatigue in mice trials. (39) Additionally they may need the means to regulate circadian rhythms again to regular, as they did on mice in a research carried out at the Division of Agro-environmental Sciences, School of Agriculture at Kyushu College, which is especially vital for people who find themselves in danger for dementia. (40)

Consuming lion’s mane mushroom may be a pure treatment for melancholy and nervousness. Thirty ladies got both a placebo or lion’s mane for 4 weeks. Researchers concluded, “Our results show that HE intake has the possibility to reduce depression and anxiety and these results suggest a different mechanism from NGF-enhancing action of H. erinaceus.” (41) This appears to be associated, partially, to the irritation issue associated to melancholy, as proven in mice research. (42)

eight. Improves Immune Perform

It’s necessary to know the way to increase your immune system so your physique can struggle an infection properly. Lion’s mane appears to have the potential to reinforce immune system perform in a fashion additionally associated to the polysaccharide content material in the fungus in accordance with analysis carried out on mice. (43)

9. May Be Helpful for Managing Diabetes

A 2013 animal research confirmed marked enchancment in blood glucose ranges, insulin sensitivity and numerous different diabetes signs when an extract of lion’s mane mushroom was given to them. (44)

Probably as a result of of the antioxidant exercise of lion’s mane, administering it to animals additionally appears to alleviate ache brought on by diabetic neuropathy. (45)

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Vitamin Information

Recognized in Latin as Hericium erinaceus, lion’s mane is native to North America, Europe and Asia, though it’s not cultivated extensively in areas outdoors of Asia. It’s typically known as Hedgehog Mushroom, Yamabushitake or Houtou.

As a result of of the restricted quantity of lion’s mane mushroom produced for mass consumption, it’s troublesome to seek out particular vitamin details. Nevertheless, at the very least one supply states that one serving (round 84 grams) incorporates 20 energy, 2 grams of protein and three grams of carbohydrates. (46)

Though it’s arduous to pinpoint the vitamin and mineral content material of lion’s mane, one cause it’s been researched for all kinds of functions is as a result of of the polysaccharides it incorporates. Polysaccharides are complicated carbohydrate buildings, like glucose. (47)

Lion’s mane mushroom incorporates beta-glucan polysaccharides, that are recognized scientifically to have correlations with numerous well being advantages, like coronary heart well being and immune responses.

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Methods to Use Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Sadly for a lot of of us Westerners, this mushroom isn’t available at the grocery retailer, with the potential exception of Asian grocery markets in locations like Chinatown.

Nevertheless, there are two choices you continue to have. For one, it’s potential to develop lion’s mane in North America, and kits can be found on-line with seeds to develop it in your personal private backyard.

For those who go this route, remember that many individuals liken the mushroom to a seafood-tasting, fleshy merchandise. It pairs nicely with brown rice or quinoa, particularly in the event you add some recent flavors, comparable to bell peppers or candy onion.

Not everybody has a option to develop private crops, so you may also buy lion’s mane mushroom in complement type. Be positive to do your analysis and solely buy natural dietary supplements from trusted producers.

Historical past and Fascinating Details About Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Like many powerfully useful meals, lion’s mane mushroom has been recognized for a while in elements of Asia to be nice for numerous physique features and circumstances. Utilized in Japan for hundreds of years and probably millennia, the odd-looking fungus is revered by Buddhist monks and understood to be virtually a mystical supply of vitamin.

A sect of Buddhist monks generally known as the Yamabushi put on a garment referred to as the “suzukake,” common from many lengthy strands of fur, bears a hanging resemblance to the lion’s mane mushroom and doubtless accounts for why the mushroom is understood in some areas as the yamabushitake.

Some sources state that it was reserved for royalty at totally different occasions in the previous.

Attainable Aspect Results/Warning

Lion’s mane mushroom is a usually protected meals merchandise. A number of research have discovered it to be non-toxic at totally different dosages, even over prolonged durations of time. (48, 49)

There have been remoted stories of negative effects, together with one of contact dermatitis and one other of respiratory misery associated to consuming lion’s mane. (50, 51)

In the event you select to eat this mushroom and have any signs, akin to burning/itching pores and skin, incapability to breathe correctly or swollen lips, seek the advice of your physician instantly.

Last Ideas on Lion’s Mane Mushroom

  • Lion’s mane mushroom is an edible fungus grown in Asia, Europe and North America.
  • It has been used for millennia as a medicinal meals in conventional Chinese language drugs and different historic medicinal practices.
  • Resulting from the presence of distinctive polysaccharides and different vitamins, lion’s mane mushroom has a big quantity of well being advantages.
  • The 2 most well-known advantages of consuming lion’s mane are the potential capability to stop or shield the unfold of neurodegenerative illness and most cancers.
  • Lion’s mane mushroom may additionally assist enhance coronary heart well being, shield from inflammatory digestive points, scale back irritation, relieve oxidative stress, enhance psychological well being, increase immunity and stop diabetes.
  • Lion’s mane shouldn’t be out there in most Western grocery places, however you’ll be able to develop your personal or take it in complement type.

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