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The Mysterious Big Grey Man of Scotland – Earth Mystery News

The Mysterious Big Grey Man of Scotland – Earth Mystery News

Standing tall with a snow speckled peak hovering up 4296 ft into the gray clouds above, it’s the second highest mountain in Scotland, a wild place full of pure grandeur that has impressed legend and journey, and has generated its share of unusual legends as nicely. Here’s a place wreathed in seemingly everlasting mists and fog that blanket the world like a thick soup, lending it an otherworldly ambiance, and all through the ages there was stated to be one thing from past the periphery shifting by means of that murk, one thing very giant lumbering by way of the swirling fog to perplex all those that look upon it. That is the Am Worry Liath Mor, the legendary Big Grey Man of Scotland.

The entity has been seen for hundreds of years, with one of the primary actual detailed accounts coming from 1791, when a poet by the identify of James Hogg discovered himself trudging via this foggy, virtually dream-like realm whereas tending sheep. As he stared off into the murky, fog obscured distance, one thing got here lumbering into view, preceded by a rumbling disturbance that spooked the sheep. He would say of the towering beast that stood earlier than him:

It was an enormous blackamoor, at the very least thirty ft excessive, and equally proportioned, and really close to me. I used to be truly struck powerless with astonishment and terror.

Ben Macdui

After returning the subsequent day the huge goliath reappeared there within the mist, like some monolithic inconceivable statue from one other period or world, and this time when Hogg eliminated his hat the colossal factor earlier than him did the identical factor. He would come to the conclusion that the mysterious phenomenon was merely his personal shadow distorted by means of some atmospheric situation he couldn’t probably hope to know, however this was definitely not the top of the legend of the Big Grey Man. It will be seen sporadically by way of the years wandering about these chilly peaks, often described as being at the very least 10 ft in peak, typically even bigger, with lengthy arms, an ape-like visage, and coated with brief, gray fur. In additional surreal accounts it’s described as even sporting an extended, darkish coat and prime hat. It’s most of the time stated to exude a profound sense of unease and worry that nearly appears to return in waves, and unusual music in its passing isn’t unusual.

In 1904 there was a report from biologist Hugh Welsh, who had been up on the mountain accumulating plant and animal samples alongside together with his brother. Welsh would say that they typically have been conscious of the heavy steps of monumental ft stomping about outdoors of the periphery of their imaginative and prescient, though they have been by no means capable of see precisely what was producing them. Oddly, these incidents have been all the time accompanied by a tangible sense of dread and apprehension that hung within the air.

A really well-known sighting occurred in 1891, when a mountaineer, extremely revered professor of natural chemistry at College School London, and Fellow of the Royal Society, a J. Norman Collie, was on the desolate mountain and had his personal encounter with the mysterious entity, when he heard one thing monumental treading alongside behind him as if following him via the mist, adopted by an awesome and crippling wave of inexplicable terror that washed over him. Collie would sit on his spooky expertise for years, earlier than lastly describing what he had seen at a speech on the 27th Annual Basic Assembly of the Cairngorm Membership in 1925, throughout which he would clarify:

I started to assume I heard one thing else than merely the noise of my very own footsteps. For each few steps I took I heard a crunch, after which one other crunch as if somebody was strolling after me however taking steps three or 4 occasions the size of my very own. I stated to myself, ‘This is all nonsense’. I listened and heard it once more however might see nothing within the mist. As I walked on and the eerie crunch, crunch, sounded behind me I used to be seized with terror and took to my heels, staggering blindly among the many boulders for 4 or 5 miles almost right down to Rothiemurchus Forest. No matter you make of it I have no idea, however there’s something very queer concerning the prime of Ben MacDhui and I can’t return there once more on my own I do know.

Contemplating the pedigree of this witness, the legend of the Big Grey Man was given a kind of infusion of new life with this report, and Collie was quickly after contacted by one other chemistry instructor by the identify of Dr. A.M. Kellas, who had been emboldened to return ahead together with his personal spooky report back to relate. Kellas would say that he had been together with his brother upon Ben Macdui once they had seen a colossal gray determine over 10 ft in peak stomping in the direction of them from the cairn earlier than seemingly vanishing into skinny air, maybe disappearing behind a rocky move within the relentless fog. They weren’t resistant to the blanket of worry the factor was stated to forged, and have been infused with such a panic that they ran removed from there as quick as they might, the entire time satisfied that the weird entity was pursuing them via the gloomy mist.

Such sightings and encounters would proceed on into later years as nicely. In 1939, the adventurer Alastair Borthwick would write of a report of the creature in his e-book All the time a Little Additional, through which he recounts an encounter with the thriller beast involving two climber associates of his. The two climbers had apparently been out on the mountain once they had been affected by the unshakable feeling that they have been being adopted by one thing immense on the market within the mist past the place their imaginative and prescient might attain. Borthwick would write of these tales:

The first was alone, heading over MacDhui for Corrour on an evening when the snow had a tough, crisp crust by means of which his boots broke at each step. He reached the summit and it was whereas he was descending the slopes which fall in the direction of the Larig that he heard footsteps behind him, footsteps not within the rhythm of his personal, however occurring solely as soon as for each three steps he took. “I felt a queer crinkly feeling in the back of my neck,” he advised me, “but I said to myself, ‘This is silly, there must be a reason for it.’ So I stopped, and the footsteps stopped, and I sat down and tried to reason it out. I could see nothing. There was a moon about somewhere, but the mist was fairly thick. The only thing I could make of it was that when my boots broke through the snow-crust they made some sort of echo. But then every step should have echoed, and not just this regular one-in-three. I was scared stiff. I got up, and walked on, trying hard not to look behind me. I got down all right – the footsteps stopped a thousand feet above the Larig – and I didn’t run. But if anything had so much as said ‘Boo!’ behind me, I’d have been down to Corrour like a streak of lightning!”


The second man’s expertise was roughly comparable. He was on MacDhui, and alone. He heard footsteps. He was climbing in daylight, in summer time; however so dense was the mist that he was working by compass, and visibility was virtually as poor as it will have been at night time. The footsteps he heard have been made by one thing or somebody trudging up the nice screes which embellish the higher elements of the mountain, a factor not extraordinary in itself, although the steps have been just a few yards behind him, however exceedingly odd when the mist out of the blue cleared and he might see no dwelling factor on the mountain, at that time devoid of cowl of any sort.


“Did the steps follow yours exactly?” I requested him. “No,” he stated. “That was the funny thing. They didn’t. They were regular all right; but the queer thing was that they seemed to come once for every two and a half steps I took.” He thought it queerer nonetheless once I informed him the opposite man’s story. You see, he was long-legged and 6 ft tall, and the primary man was solely five-feet-seven. As soon as I used to be out with a search-party on MacDhui; and on the best way down after an unsuccessful day I requested some of the gamekeepers and stalkers who have been with us what they although of all of it. They labored on MacDhui, so they need to know. Had they seen Ferlas Mor? Did he exist, or was it only a foolish story? They checked out me for a number of seconds, after which one stated: “We don’t speak about that.

In 1940 Scottish writer R. Macdonald Robertson and a good friend have been camped up on the mountain once they allegedly have been jolted awake by the incessant growls and barking of the canine that they had introduced alongside. As the lads listened to the night time they are saying they might hear the strategy of thudding steps within the gravel, with every one bringing extra of a panicked response from the canine, certainly inside themselves, and fading away as they handed and the canine progressively relaxed, as did they. There was additionally an account from 1942 of climber Sydney Scroggie, who noticed there on the mountain “a tall, stately, human figure, appear out of the blackness on one side of the loch, and clearly silhouetted against the water pace with long, deliberate steps across the combined burns just where they enter the loch.” No proof corresponding to footprints might be discovered.

In 1945 there was additionally the expertise of mountaineer Peter Densham, who claimed to have felt a thick dread strategy from the fog, in addition to the 1948 report of climber Richard Frere, who stated that he had felt “a presence, utterly abstract but intensely real.” Frere would discover the braveness to look out from his tent and see one thing large, 20-feet in peak and brownish in shade and with “an air of insolent strength” shifting away off into the moonlight. Oddly, Frere would describe listening to some type of ethereal, unusual pipe music echoing by means of the air on the time of the sighting. In 1958 there was the account revealed in The Scots journal, by naturalist and adventurer Alexander Tewnion, who had his personal scary and slightly dramatic expertise in 1943, of which he would write:

In October 1943 I spent a ten day depart climbing alone within the Cairngorms… One afternoon, simply as I reached the summit cairn of Ben MacDhui, mist swirled throughout the Lairig Ghru and enveloped the mountain. The environment turned darkish and oppressive, a fierce, bitter wind whisked among the many boulders, and… an odd sound echoed via the mist – a loud footstep, it appeared. Then one other, and one other… A wierd form loomed up, receded, got here charging at me! With out hesitation I whipped out the revolver and fired 3 times on the determine. When it nonetheless got here on I turned and hared down the trail, reaching Glen Derry in a time that I’ve by no means bettered. You could ask was it actually the Worry Laith Mhor? Frankly, I feel it was.

Such sightings would proceed into much more trendy occasions nonetheless. Within the 1990s, we’ve got the account of three witnesses who say they have been climbing within the space once they got here throughout a darkish, human-shaped determine that ran with unimaginable velocity throughout the monitor in entrance of them, and which exuded a “sense of terror and foreboding.” Once they approached the world the place the factor had been, one of the witnesses apparently noticed by means of the branches of the timber a face that appeared “human, but not human.” One of them gathered the braveness to maybe foolishly fling a stone its method, and it retreated into the wilderness. The beast would later chase their automotive, managing to maintain up with the car as much as 45 mph earlier than tiring and giving up.

There was additionally an account from 2004, when Scottish ghost hunter Tom Robertson was within the space when he and his companion noticed a 10-foot-tall determine subsequent to their tent. It then apparently reached a hand over the tent to ship it collapsing, they usually described what they are saying seemed like a “big grey gorilla” standing there frosted within the moonlight. The creature left, and the pair received out of there as quick as they might, discovering giant footprints left behind as they did. In 2005, a witness named Peter George would have his personal encounter, saying:

Out of the nook of my eye, over to the left in the direction of the stream, I caught a glimpse of a tall gray determine. At first I assumed it was one of our get together, though all of them have been contained in the bothy. Turned to look correctly and couldn’t see anybody.

The following yr, in June of 2006, a witness named Steven Pedlar was together with his father Roy once they heard anomalous footsteps behind them, as if stalking them. In that very same yr, in September, there was an nameless witness who stated of his expertise:

I used to be climbing again down Ben MacDhui in Might 1988 once I skilled the footsteps phenomenon talked about by others. It was fairly misty and I used to be alone. Nevertheless it was like ’one thing’ was behind me, solely 10 metres or so, retaining monitor of me. I back-tracked to see if anybody was there. I didn’t see something, however it was bizarre sufficient to scare me, notably because the sounds occurred each once I was shifting or stationary. It was solely after I advised this story to a Glasgow cousin years later that I first heard concerning the Grey Man.

It appears exceptional that such an entity ought to exist up within the mountains of Scotland, of all locations, and it has definitely generated its share of theories on what individuals could possibly be experiencing on the market. In addtion to the concepts that it might all simply be hallucinations, illusions, or the thoughts in any other case enjoying tips on the witnesses, a outstanding concept is that these sightings are the outcome of an atmospheric phenomenon sometimes known as a “broken specter.” On this case, when the solar is at a specific angle it might work together with clouds or mists to enlarge a shadow produce very lifelike wanting constructs that sometimes take the shape of an enormous determine standing there. Nonetheless others insist that that is indicative of some extraordinarily giant, Bigfoot-like creature lurking about, however this appears odd contemplating that Scotland is an unlikely candidate for a habitat for such a creature. Contemplating the sense of worry that envelopes those that encounter it and its general ghostly presence basically, perhaps the Big Grey Man is one thing else altogether? Who is aware of? For now the Big Grey Man of Scotland stays an impenetrable thriller, because it all the time has been and maybe all the time might be.

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