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Is Kombucha Healthy and What Does Kombucha Do for You?

Is Kombucha Healthy and What Does Kombucha Do for You?

Consuming kombucha, it’s true, has grow to be a little bit of a fad recently. You will discover this fermented beverage in most well being meals shops, farmers markets, and even your native grocery retailer. If you should purchase it on the fuel station, you could be positive it’s common.

But kombucha, nevertheless faddish, does have useful results in your well being. Consuming kombucha helps regulate blood sugar, decrease oxidative stress and might even help wholesome intestine micro organism.

And sure, it appears probably that consuming kombucha can even assist enhance physique composition.

We’ll get to those advantages (and the mechanisms behind them) in a bit. However first, let’s speak about what precisely you’re consuming once you drink kombucha.

What is kombucha?

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Kombucha a is a fermented drink, often produced from inexperienced or black tea. To ferment kombucha, you add sugar and a starter tradition – a mixture of useful micro organism and yeast – to your most popular tea. Then, relying on the preparation technique, you wait three to 60 days and the kombucha is able to drink. Because of this the added sugar has been transformed by the starter tradition into wholesome micro organism and different bioactive compounds. Belief me, it tastes higher than it sounds.

How does it style? Barely candy, flippantly carbonated, mildly acidic.

Perhaps vinegary can be a greater phrase. And kombucha tastes like vinegar as a result of it accommodates a particular, health-boosting compound referred to as acetic acid.

What does acetic acid in kombucha do for your physique?

When kombucha is brewing, the micro organism – particularly, strains inside the genus Acetobacter – produce, as a byproduct of the fermentation course of, a substance often known as acetic acid. You’ve had acetic acid. It’s the lively ingredient in vinegar.

What’s so nice concerning the acetic acid in vinegar and kombucha? For one, it seems to have constructive results on physique weight and fats mass. In different phrases, acetic acid has constructive results on physique composition.

There’s science to help this declare. In a single double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, overweight Japanese members got both a vinegar drink or a non-vinegar (placebo) drink as soon as a day for 12 weeks. The outcomes? After the trial, the vinegar people had considerably decrease physique weights, visceral fats ranges, waist circumferences, and BMI.

“Daily intake of vinegar,” conclude the authors, “might be useful in the prevention of metabolic syndrome by reducing obesity.”

What about every day consumption of kombucha? Nicely, since kombucha additionally accommodates excessive ranges of acetic acid, it probably has comparable metabolic results.

Let’s flip now to how acetic acid may enhance metabolism, physique weight, physique comp, and so forth.

1. Enhancements in Blood Sugar and Insulin

To date we’ve seen how vinegar consumption can enhance physique composition. That’s good. However why may these useful modifications happen?

Two most important causes: blood sugar and insulin. Consuming acetic acid results in enhancements in each of those key metabolic biomarkers. We’ll get to the science in a minute, however first, let’s evaluate why these biomarkers matter.

First blood sugar. Once you eat a meal, your blood sugar rises as you digest the vitamins comprising the meals. That blood sugar, then, can go to gasoline muscle tissues, organs, fats, and mind tissue. For physique composition functions, you need blood sugar going to the muscle. Why? As a result of in contrast to fats that shops this extra sugar, muscle use this sugar for power – and acetic acid may also help with this objective.

Intently associated to blood sugar is insulin. Insulin is a hormone that, amongst different features, tells your cells what to do with blood sugar. Ought to that glucose go into fats or muscle cells? That course of is moderated by insulin. If you produce an excessive amount of insulin (by consuming an excessive amount of, for occasion), your cells can develop into insulin resistant. This simply signifies that your cells don’t reply correctly to insulin anymore.

Insulin resistance performs a task in lots of unfavourable processes, however amongst them are elevated blood strain, blood sugar, and ranges of stomach fats (the extra metabolic, much less wholesome fats). That’s as a result of excessive ranges of circulating insulin, an indicator of insulin resistance, places the physique into fat-storage mode.

2. Improve in Metabolism

To be able to keep lean, it ought to be clear, blood sugar and insulin must be correctly regulated in your physique.

In a placebo-controlled research, eight middle-aged males with issues regulating blood sugar got both vinegar (6% acetic acid) or a placebo drink earlier than a meal, then examined for glucose (blood sugar) uptake, insulin ranges and triglycerides over the subsequent few hours. Verdict? The acetic acid remedy led to across-the-board enhancements.

That’s proper: acetic acid earlier than a meal elevated glucose uptake in skeletal muscle, lowered post-meal insulin ranges, and lowered triglycerides.

All that to say, kombucha might assist your physique higher handle the meals you’re consuming and how they’re utilized/saved within the physique.

What do polyphenols in kombucha do for your physique?

Kombucha isn’t solely filled with acetic acid, but in addition filled with polyphenols – highly effective, antioxidant compounds present in fruits, veggies, spices, herbs and, within the case of kombucha, teas. Inexperienced and black teas, in truth, are fairly wealthy in polyphenols. Which signifies that kombucha can also be wealthy in polyphenols.

Polyphenols are nice as a result of they assist scavenge free radicals in your bloodstream. Free radicals are molecules produced when your cells use oxygen to type energy- they’re a part of regular metabolism however are thought-about waste merchandise that have to be eradicated.

So why scavenge them? Nicely, too many free radicals in your blood trigger injury – additionally referred to as oxidative stress – which has been linked to quite a lot of illnesses. To decrease oxidative stress, it helps to mitigate the variety of free-radicals in your physique. Polyphenols will help with that.

Oxidative Stress and Weight problems

Whereas oxidative stress has been linked to many persistent circumstances, for our functions right here, let’s concentrate on the metabolic hyperlinks.

Take weight problems. If you take a look at overweight, insulin-resistant individuals, for occasion – they have a tendency to have larger ranges of oxidative stress, and decrease ranges of inner, free-radical scavenging antioxidant methods to scale back this oxidative stress.

Due to this, researchers have speculated that antioxidant dietary supplements might assist individuals handle weight problems. Even diabetes.

However don’t get too excited. The identical paper touting their constructive results additionally warn that these dietary supplements usually are not a “panacea” for obesity-related illnesses and might solely present “marginal benefits” for these circumstances.  

Kombucha incorporates extra antioxidants than common tea

So how does kombucha rank when it comes to free-radical scavenging, oxidative-stress-reducing means? Is it higher than say, plain previous inexperienced tea, which has additionally been proven to have potent antioxidant results?

Sure, it seems so. As a matter of reality, the fermentation course of improves the scavenging potential of each inexperienced and black tea. Once more, researchers don’t know why. However they do know the development is there.

And since free-radical scavenging could also be a promising adjunct for treating metabolic issues, you now have one more reason to hunt out some kombucha.

Kombucha is nice for your intestine micro organism

Kombucha incorporates all kinds of microbes – micro organism and fungi that assist ferment the sugar added to kombucha drinks. However what’s actually fascinating is how consuming kombucha impacts present microbes in your intestine.

For instance, kombucha has been proven to inhibit the expansion of many gut-dwelling pathogens. These pathogens embrace salmonella, campylobacter, E. coli, H. pylori and an extended record of different critters you’ve by no means heard of.

And so kombucha seems to be one thing like a pure antibiotic. However in contrast to man-made antibiotics, kombucha doesn’t include the weight-gain aspect impact.

What does this should do with physique composition general? Glad you requested. The science continues to be younger, however preliminary analysis signifies a hyperlink between intestine microbes and weight problems. The brief summary- enhance the well being of your intestine (by means of meals corresponding to kombucha), scale back your danger for weight achieve/weight problems.

Contemplate kombucha the subsequent time you grocery store

That was a variety of information on kombucha, weight problems, physique comp, micro organism and extra – so let’s cowl it another time.


  • Is a probiotic drink comprised of fermenting tea (often inexperienced or black)
  • Accommodates micro organism that produce acetic acid (acetic acid has been proven to have useful results on blood sugar, insulin ranges, and even physique composition)
  • Helps your physique course of your meals by decreasing insulin ranges after a meal
  • Possesses polyphenols that scale back oxidative stress, which can assist fight sure illness dangers
  • Kills dangerous micro organism in your intestine, and might assist promote wholesome intestine micro organism

So subsequent time you’re in your grocery retailer, think about spending a couple of bucks on that bizarre, acidic stuff everybody’s been raving about- kombucha.


Brian Stanton is a well being author and licensed well being coach dwelling outdoors of Philadelphia. When he’s not mountaineering via the woods, Brian researches the newest science on vitamin, sleep, longevity, the intestine, and extra.

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