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Healing the Healer: When Plants and Animals Speak : Conscious Life News

Healing the Healer: When Plants and Animals Speak : Conscious Life News

Virtually everyone talks to their pets, however it takes a particular individual to listen to what their pets say in return.

Animal Communicator Maiccu Kostiainen

Maiccu Kostiainen lives in Finland and is an animal communicator and medium. Meaning  that she intuitively communicates with animals, dwelling and previous, by understanding their ideas, feelings, and power. Maiccu’s distinctive presents permit her to succeed in past the veil of human consciousness, into the realm of animal consciousness. It’s a dimension of presence, love, and acceptance, one which, in line with Maiccu, animals take pleasure in on a nearly-constant fixed foundation.

As an animal communicator, Maiccu helps bridge the hole of understanding between animals and people and assist individuals to know the wants of their pets in addition to hear the messages that the animals should say.

Maiccu can also be a best-selling writer and lecturer who teaches 

alongside together with her associate and fellow healer, Ingela Nicklas. Ingela is a Reiki Grand Grasp, somebody who channels power into shoppers to activate the physique’s pure therapeutic talents. Collectively, Maiccu and Ingela use power therapeutic and animal communication to heal animals and the individuals associated to them.

In an interview with me, Maiccu describes how she found her personal intuitive presents, the life-changing occasions that her presents have opened up for her, and how discovering sacred plant drugs helped her to hone her skills as a healer and heal the healer inside her.

Animal Communicator

All through most of her grownup life, Maiccu was very glad in her high-paying profession as an airplane mechanic for Finnish Nationwide Airline. However a peculiar and undenliable expertise modified her life’s focus from mechanical to religious.

In the yr 2000, Maiccu’s canine handed, by the way on his fifth birthday, and virtually concurrently she started to unexplainably sense his ideas and emotions. This had by no means occurred earlier than, and the phenomenon each touched and stunned her and she started to learn voraciously about animal communication and mediumship. Maiccu quickly realized that she had a present for animal communication and the extra she discovered and practiced, the extra her skills grew.

Ultimately, Maiccu started receiving messages from her beloved and long-since deceased horse, Leyla. Over time, the messages from Leyla turned extra and extra clear and someday Leyla knowledgeable Maiccu, “We are going to write a book together.” Leyla’s message stunned Maiccu however was quickly confirmed by at the very least three different mediums, none of whom had prior information of Maiccu’s dialog with Leyla. And so, regardless of it’s unorthodoxy, Maiccu started to co-write a guide with the spirit of her deceased horse.

Maiccu and Leyla Write a Ebook

Maiccu and her horse Layla

Maiccu stated that Leyla’s phrases discovered a voice via her fingers as she typed their guide. Titled, The Energy of Silent Knowledge, the e-book is Leyla’s recommendation to people about love, sorrow, worry, and giving up management to a better objective. In the guide, Leyla additionally explains that animals are in a continuing state of presence, often in a state of oneness, and that this state is programmed into of their DNA.

Leyla’s most necessary message to people is to easily do much less and study to only be. Leyla identified that always, when people expertise troublesome feelings or encounter one thing they don’t perceive, they create a reputation or dysfunction for it and attempt to treatment it with a capsule. Leyla, endorsed people to cease feeling as if one thing is flawed all the time.

The Energy of Silent Knowledge was revealed in 2011 and turned the highest promoting religious e-book in Finland in 2012. With the success of her e-book, it turned clear to Maiccu that her calling in life was to share her presents as an intuitive animal communicator so give up her nice paying job as an airplane mechanic to dedicate herself full-time to this calling of animal communication.


Maiccu Kostiainen, Ingela Nicklas, and Gerry Powell (Founding father of Rythmia)

Discovering Sacred Plant Drugs

As the results of her distinctive presents, Maiccu has had many uncommon alternatives, not solely to journey to show and heal, but in addition to find different pathways of therapeutic and new modes to attach with animals. Certainly one of these discoveries was the world of sacred plant drugs. Little did she understand how essential sacred crops can be to refine her skills as a healer and animal communicator.

In 2017, Maiccu and Ingela found a documentary referred to as The Actuality of Fact, a documentary that explores the therapeutic energy of sacred plant drugs. As healers themselves, Maiccu and Ingela have been fascinated by this historic mode of therapeutic as a result of it appeared to offer a glimpse into a unique realm, just like the one they knew via Reiki and animal communication. Maiccu and Ingela started to analysis Rythmia, a life-enhancement middle in Costa Rica which was featured in the movie, and which gives sacred plant drugs ceremonies with shamans, in addition to vitamin, therapeutic massage, colonic hydrotherapy, and lectures for private transformation.

Intrigued by the testimonies about the therapeutic energy of sacred plant drugs, Maiccu used her skills as a medium to ask a few of the wisest individuals she knew, her deceased mom and horse, whether or not or not going to Rhythmia to discover sacred plant drugs can be a good suggestion. The flurry of occasions that quickly transpired over the subsequent a number of months felt like a direct response to her inquiry, and quickly Maiccu and Ingela discovered that not solely have been they sure for Rythmia, however they have been even invited to attend as a presenters to show about their presents of therapeutic and animal communication.


Plant Drugs Opens Maiccu’s Eyes as an Animal Communicator

Thus far, Maiccu has attended 9 plant drugs ceremonies, every therapeutic and profound. One among her most profound experiences throughout one specific ceremony helped to hone her talent as an intuitive, medium, and animal communicator. Maiccu stated that after taking the sacred plant drugs, she felt herself flip into a number of totally different animals and skilled first-hand their frame of mind and their feeling of oneness with all issues. She stated that she felt herself morph right into a panther, whale, dolphin, snake, mouse, and even a cockroach, and was capable of expertise for herself what it was wish to be, assume, and really feel the approach animals do. As an animal communicator, she stated that this expertise was the greatest present that the Universe might have ever given her.

Maiccu was given one other uncommon alternative to view the world by means of the by means of the eyes of an animal when Rythmia’s mascot, the proprietor’s mild canine named Kayla, moved by way of the ceremony and acted as a information to Maiccu by displaying her the world from a canine’s perspective. From Kayla’s perspective, Maiccu noticed how every little thing in the world is related. Kayla informed Maiccu that as a canine, she all the time sees the world with such connectedness, a state that people are struggling to reach at. Maiccu stated that as she morphed right into a canine, she might odor the world and see its colours, identical to a canine does. This uncommon expertise immediately influenced her capability to sense into animals’ ideas, wants, and wishes.

Considered one of the methods Maiccu says that ceremonial plant drugs helps individuals turn into hyper-present like animals is that it helps them to study to surrender management and put themselves into the palms of a sacred and therapeutic spirit. She says that always, the ego which is anathema to this therapeutic spirit, tries to remain in management. The wrestle between the ego and the therapeutic spirit causes dissonance. Additional, she proffers that the therapeutic qualities from the drugs solely come when individuals yield and permit themselves to be healed by it, even when meaning touring via a momentary darkness to be able to heal these wounded elements to reach at the locations lasting of inner-light.

Studying to yield to the plant drugs finally gave Maiccu the present of communing with and morphing into animals, and has massively improved her already honed sensitivity as an intuitive, healer, and animal communicator. A lot to her shock, plant drugs has additionally improved her mediumship with people. As somebody who all the time heals others, Maiccu was awestruck that thanks to those medicinal presents, she can be the one healed


The Healer Receives Healing by way of Plant Drugs

Along with giving her a profound reference to animals, Maiccu says that the sacred plant drugs additionally healed her of some continual issues, together with a life-long scourge of crippling nervousness and an habit to beer.

Earlier than utilizing sacred plant drugs, Maiccu used beer to deal with her nervousness and stress. Consuming beer was additionally her commonest method to unwind at the finish of an extended day. And, like many individuals in Finland, Maiccu likes to sauna and beer is usually part of that cultural ritual. For all these causes, Maiccu had developed a robust dependance on beer. But, there’s a saying in Finland that claims, “Problems swim in alcohol,” and Maiccu definitely understood how her habit to beer contributed to her nervousness. Plus, Maiccu felt that her common use of beer was dulling her senses as an animal communicator.

A standard phrase at Rythmia is, “You must purge before you merge with the Divine.” And positively Maiccu wanted to purge previous methods of referring to the world that have been inflicting static in her transmissions as an animal communicator.

Maiccu wasn’t positive what to anticipate as she went into her very first ceremony at Rythmia and she hoped that her nervousness about the unknown wouldn’t escalate right into a panic assault. But, to her dismay the first three hours of her journey with sacred plant drugs despatched her reeling right into a extreme panic assault, inflicting her to sweat profusely, racking her with fear, and leaving her photo voltaic plexus aching for days.

However after three hours of one among the most extreme panic assaults she’s ever skilled, Maiccu stated that one thing magical occurred. She stated that the plant drugs taught her to open up, taught her to breathe once more, and finally taught her to let go of management and yield one thing greater. At the very second she handed her will over to the drugs, her nervousness vanished and she was left with a profound and enduring peace. Since that second, her lifetime of hysteria has been virtually eradicated. She couldn’t consider how the plant drugs had purged her of hysteria in the second and the way it appeared to be healed for good. Together with her panic assaults gone, Maiccu she says that she will now focus a lot better and is simpler as an animal communicator. She feels as if the drugs purposefully led her by way of this extreme panic assault so she might heal from it completely.

In contrast to medicating with beer, plant drugs isn’t addictive and appears to have a really totally different impact on issues. In truth, Invoice Wilson, the founding father of Alcoholics Nameless, turned sober and began his world-famous group after having a religious expertise as the results of plant drugs. Maiccu says that sacred plant drugs is totally different than different medicine as a result of it tends facilitate therapeutic by providing astounding readability and understanding of their divine value somewhat than dulling the thoughts or distracting them from their issues.

Since experiencing plant drugs ceremonies, Maiccu says that she not feels the crucial to drink. She says that no matter she was making an attempt to medicate with alcohol appears to have been made entire. Now, she solely sometimes drinks socially, maybe one or two occasions a month and by no means to extra. Maiccu says that she now enjoys larger readability and and connection in her work as a result of she’s not remedying her nervousness with alcohol. She says she’s extra receptive to the animal world with this added readability.


Maiccu Kostiainen has led an unpredictable and fascinating life as she has found and adopted her presents as an animal communicator, intuitive, and medium. Her presents have led her to satisfy new individuals, hook up with the spirits of animals, and have given her the probability to supply an essential religious message to the world. Her instinct and presents additionally led her to discover sacred plant drugs which healed the healer in her enabled her to supply her presents with higher readability and focus.

Maiccu’s enduring message to the world is to spend time with animals and permit them to show you to be current. She additionally says that for anybody who’s fascinated about utilizing sacred plant drugs, to spend the time to organize for it with clear consuming, meditation, and in fact spending time with animals.

Thus far, Maiccu has now been to Rythmia twice to current and take part in ceremony and will return in March of 2019. You’ll be able to go to Maiccu’s web site right here.


Scott Moore is a senior instructor of yoga and mindfulness and lives in Southern France. When he’s not educating or conducting retreats, he writes for Conscious Life News, Elephant Journal, Mantra Journal, Medium, and his personal weblog at Scott additionally likes to run, play the saxophone, and journey together with his spouse and son. Take a look at his yoga retreats to locations like Hawaii and Amalfi Coast , his on-line Yoga Nidra Course and his Yoga Instructor Mentor Program

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