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Femi Fani-Kayode: Buhari govt and Jama’atu Nasir Islam’s crocodile tears

Femi Fani-Kayode: Buhari govt and Jama'atu Nasir Islam's crocodile tears

“This is utterly reprehensible and unacceptable, for hooligans and way-wards to hold a whole state (Zamfara) to ransom to no avail. Where is the government? Where are the security agencies? Where are the political, community and religious leaders? Where is our conscience? Where is the humanness in us? Above all, where is our Islam? Where is the Qur’an and its pristine teachings? Where is the Prophetic guidance in his Sunnah? Equally painful is the return of insurgency in some parts of Borno and Yobe states, with wanton destruction of lives and properties. Why must all these bloodletting be allowed to resurface? All these re-occurring acts of terrorism, dehumanisation, sacrilege of sanctity of life and all forms of wickedness are utterly and unreservedly condemned in their entirety and government must go beyond mere condemnations” – Khalid Abubakar Aliyu, Secretary Common, Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI).

For the primary time in years I concur with the phrases of JNI and I commend them for locating the braveness, albeit fairly late, to retrace their steps and converse out towards the good evil that Nigerians are being subjected to by the shortcomings of the Buhari administration.

But regardless of my aid that they’ve completed a “you turn” on President Muhammadu Buhari and lastly acknowledged the truth that he has misplaced management of the safety state of affairs, I’m constrained to make the next observations.

In the course of the presidential marketing campaign in 2015 I warned Nigerians that it will be an utter catastrophe if Buhari was elected President.

The Lord gave me perception and foresight, He took me to the highest of the mountain and, by His grace and the unction of the Holy Spirit, He confirmed me what many others couldn’t see.

Sadly few listened and resulting from my unrestrained opposition to and virulent assaults on Buhari, one or two notable members of Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI), the umbrella organisation for all Muslims in Nigeria, went so far as to accuse me of being anti-Islam and anti-north.

For sure nothing could possibly be farther from the reality however sadly up till immediately a couple of misguided commentators nonetheless endure from the faulty false impression that I hate Muslims and all core northerners.

They discover it troublesome to make a distinction between opposition to Buhari on the one hand and opposition to Islam and the core north on the opposite just because, to them, Buhari alone represents Islam and the north.

Consequently, by their twisted logic and of their perverted minds, an assault on him or his insurance policies and authorities mechanically interprets to turning into an assault on Islam and the complete core Muslim north!

It’s in the identical means that the identical individuals consider that an assault on or condemnation of the evil actions and atrocities of the terrorist Fulani herdsmen is an assault on or condemnation of your complete Fulani race!

Such retrograde, myopic and intellectually-barren considering has put us in a horrible bind. It has no place in a contemporary, civilised society not to mention in a critical and purposeful debate however sadly it seems to be the norm in some circles in our nation.

But the reality is that no matter they consider me doesn’t transfer me by some means: I merely couldn’t care much less. Servants of fact have few buddies and, most of the time, they’re subjected to fixed misrepresentation, hate, deceit, betrayal, falsehood, blackmail and each pleasant and enemy hearth.

I’ve learnt to stay with it and I can’t relent from talking fact to energy regardless of how unpalatable that fact could also be to some.

In any case if that’s the worth that I’ve to pay for being the voice of the unvoiced then so be it.

I’m delighted that JNI seems to have now seen the sunshine in relation to the inadequacies and shortcomings of Buhari and it has enhanced my respect for them as an organsation.

But, if the reality be advised, I blame them and certainly ALL people who supported Buhari in 2015 for the bloodfest that Nigeria has endured during the last three years and six months.

I blame them for Buhari’s failures, blunders, indifference and wilful acts of cruelty as a result of they assisted in foisting him on us.

I blame them for the repugnant and heinous harvest of mass homicide, ethnic cleaning and genocide that has plagued the land.

I blame them for the oceans of tears that the widows and orphans have shed for his or her family members that have been so cruelly minimize brief by males of blood.

I blame them for the grieving mother and father that mourn their infants and youngsters after they have been despatched to an early grave and a brutal and premature dying by evil and callous males.

I blame them for the wholesale butchering of hundreds of Christians everywhere in the Center Belt and the south by the Fulani terrorists and their Janjaweed militias.

I blame them for the truth that the brave younger woman referred to as Leah Sharibu stays within the arms of Boko Haram right now just because she has refused to surrender her Christian religion and as a result of Buhari has refused to insist on and impact her launch.

I blame them for the barbaric carnage that the Sunni Muslims of the core north at the moment are being subjected to by Malian Fulani terrorists, ISIS West Africa (ISWA), Boko Haram and all method of murderous and homicidal legal syndicates and gangs.

I blame them for the criminalisation and mass homicide of a whole lot of Shiite Muslims in Zaria, Abuja and different elements of the north by Buhari’s safety forces.

I blame them for the demonisation and ethnic cleaning of hundreds of IPOB members, together with ladies and youngsters, everywhere in the east by Buhari’s army and police.

I blame them for the resurgence of energy of Boko Haram and I ask them what else they anticipated from a person who stated, in 2014, that “an attack on Boko Haram is an attack on the north”?

I ask once more, what else did they anticipate from a person whose Minister of Info as soon as stated that it was unjust and unconstitutional for President Goodluck Jonathan’s authorities to proscribe Boko Haram and to declare them as a terrorist organisation?

What else did they anticipate from a person who was as soon as nominated by Boko Haram to be their spokesman and chief negotiator in proposed talks with President Goodluck Jonathan’s Federal Authorities?

What else did they anticipate from a person who as soon as stated that if he didn’t win the presidential election that “by the grace of God, both the dog and the baboon will be soaked in blood” and that he “will make Nigeria ungovernable”?

What else did they anticipate from a person who as soon as stated that “Muslims should only vote for Muslims”?

What else did they anticipate from a person who as soon as stated that “it is not the business or concern of Christians when Muslims cut off one another’s limbs in the name of sharia”?

What else did they anticipate from a person who as soon as stated that it’s his intention “to spread sharia to every state in the nation”?

What else did they anticipate from a person who as soon as stated that each one ladies, together with his personal spouse, are solely good for “the other room”?

What else did they anticipate from a person who’s the Life Patron of Miyetti Allah, West Africa and one which has persistently pampered, supported and protected the murderous Fulani herdsmen.

What else did they anticipate from a person who has ensured that the top of each single army, para-military, intelligence and safety company within the nation apart from the Navy is headed by a northern Muslim?

What else did they anticipate from a person who has insisted and ensured that each single key administration place and essential division within the NNPC is headed by a northern Muslim?

And eventually what else did they anticipate from a person that has the audacity and impudence to go earlier than the Nationwide Meeting and, as they have been booing him on reside tv earlier than the whole nation, raises his arms and does the terrorist Rabia “four-finger on two hands” Muslim Brotherhood signal with a sheepish and depraved smile on his face?

For many who might not know the Muslim Brotherhood is a Muslim fundamentalist group which is related to terrorism and which has its origins in Egypt and Turkey.

A whole lot of hundreds of harmless and defenceless individuals, together with ladies and youngsters, have been slaughtered everywhere in the nation as a consequence of the huge encouragement and help that JNI blindly gave Buhari through the years.

They have been blinded and fooled by his seductive and unashamedly spiritual agenda and their collective quest to subjugate and dominate the remainder of Nigeria. Now that the beast has turned by itself they’re complaining.

But one has to ask as soon as once more, what else might they’ve anticipated once they helped to place the 21st century’s equal of Transylvania’s Rely Vlad the Impailer, higher referred to as Rely Dracula, on the throne in our nation? Are they not conscious of the truth that a wild beast has no grasp?

A few of them even went so far as to aim to threaten, intimidate and make life hell for the Vice President when the President fell sick and left the nation for over six months two years in the past just because he’s a southerner and a Christian who, of their myopic and perfidious view, was unfit and unqualified to take over and lead the nation within the occasion of the President’s demise. That’s how divided our nation is immediately.

The query earlier than us now is just not who will win in 2019 or who we should always help and vote for. The query is whether or not one can actually say that there’s nonetheless a rustic referred to as Nigeria left. If anybody doubts that I urge them to learn the New Years Day speech of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the chief of IPOB, to his Biafran individuals.

He has threatened to “paralyse Biafraland on election day” by implementing a complete boycott of the presidential elections and consider me once I inform you that he’s fairly able to doing so.

I don’t agree with him on every little thing however whether or not
you want him or not Kanu represents the considering of the overwhelming majority of the Igbo youth and he stays the only most potent and highly effective voice and pressure in japanese Nigeria at the moment.

And there are tens of millions within the youthful era from the south-west and south-south who secretly share his views about self-detemination for his or her respective zones and individuals and the search for independence from Nigeria.

Just because they don’t categorical it brazenly, like Kanu and IPOB, doesn’t imply that the sentiment shouldn’t be robust and it will be a monumental mistake to assume in any other case.

For people who dispute this I say the next: let both the APC’s Muhammadu Buhari or the opppsition PDP’s Abubakar Atiku (an infinitely higher, extra urbane, extra average and extra civilised man) come to energy in 2019 and refuse to restructure Nigeria and this notion can be put to the check.

I guarantee you they’ll discover out the arduous means that the floodgates have already been opened and that, when its time comes, freedom and independence can’t be succesfully resisted or simply denied.

Such is the injury that Buhari has completed to our collective pysche and our sense of nationwide unity and cohesion. He has utterly destroyed Nigeria within the identify of ethnicity and religion and in his deternination to subjugate and enslave others.

I repeat, JNI has a share of the harmless blood that has been spilt during the last three years and 6 months on its arms due to their constant help for the Buhari regime.

Worse nonetheless, whether or not they wish to admit it or not they owe the Nigerian individuals an apoology for conspiring with others to foist this monstrous tyrant on us in 2015.

Till they provide that apology I refuse to be impressed by their new-found observations and submissions concerning the apparent failures of Buhari and neither can I belief them.

Allow me to conclude this contribution with the next observations that are associated to the difficulty beneath dialogue.

Governor Kashim Shettima of Borno state (of Chibok fame) and Governor Bello Masari of Buhari’s personal Katsina state have each echoed the emotions of JNI and lamented the truth that the safety state of affairs of their respective states is horrible.

Shettima went so far as to say that issues in Borno at the moment are worse than they have been when President Goodluck Jonathan was in energy and that his robust assaults towards the previous President have been borne out of frustration.

On his personal half Governor Abdul-Aziz Yari Abubakar of Zamfara state has declared that the safety state of affairs in his area is so dangerous that he’s “ready to vacate” his seat in order that the Federal Authorities can declare a state of emergency in his state.

The purpose is additional pushed house when one considers the truth that Zamfara state is the house and state of origin of Buhari’s Minister of Defence while Borno is the house and state of origin of his Nationwide Safety Advisor and Chief of Military Employees.

The state of affairs is tragic and each single right-thinking individual should condemn and deplore the huge and unrelenting slaughter of harmless souls and the taking of human life in these states and zones by ISIS West Africa (ISWAP), the newly-formed Malian Fulani militias, Boko Haram and some other group of bloodthirsty, blood-sucking, violent, determined, fundamentalist and sociopathic terrorists and psychopaths.

But one can’t however level out the truth that all three of these governors are staunch allies of Buhari and their respective states represent a big a part of his robust north-western and north-eastern political base.

There isn’t a gainsaying that they introduced this mess upon themselves and their individuals by supporting Buhari in 2015 for ethnic and spiritual causes although they knew that he was wholly incapable of doing a great job and despite the fact that they have been absolutely conscious of the truth that he he had a hidden agenda and that he was sure to draw nothing however division, strife, carnage and chaos.

Worse of all is the truth that every of them was completely scathing, vicious and unrelenting of their misrepresentations, lies, insults and criticisms of Jonathan in 2015 and certainly during the last three years and of their advocacy of the nebulous and perfidious suggestion that Nigeria have to be led by Buhari in any respect prices in perpetuity.

Given their lamentations about what’s going on of their respective states and zones at the moment the next questions need to be answered.

Do they nonetheless love Buhari? Do they nonetheless consider that he’s the undisputed chief and champion of the core Muslim north? Do they nonetheless consider that he must not ever be criticised or challenged? Lastly do they nonetheless regard him as being Nigeria’s messiah?

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