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By Shari Hussenbocus | Health Wholeness


Have you ever ever heard about the advantages of collagen? No? Are you positive?

I imply you’ve in all probability used magnificence merchandise or shampoos to make your hair thicker. Or maybe you’ve tried some rejuvenating facial lotions.

In case you nonetheless have any of these merchandise available, examine the label. You’ll undoubtedly discover daring statements that boast the advantages of collagen within the product.

However the factor the sweetness business fails to inform you is that this. If you would like to really take pleasure in the advantages of collagen, you want to take it internally. Collagen won’t do a lot in the event you apply it externally.

So, are the advantages of collagen backed by science? And how do you eat it? Or do you want to complement? Plus, is collagen the identical factor as gelatin?

I’ll reply all these questions on this article.

Do you know that collagen is probably the most ample protein within the physique? It’s discovered all through your physique in your:

  • Pores and skin
  • Hair
  • Nails
  • Bones
  • Tooth
  • Joints
  • Organs
  • Tendons
  • Cartilage
  • Blood vessels
  • Digestive system

There are 16 differing types of collagen within the physique. Sort 1 accounts for about 90% of the collagen in our physique and provides our pores and skin its firmness. Sort 2 collagen is present in our movable joints.

Enjoyable information:

  • ‘Collagen’ comes from the Greek phrase ‘kólla’ which suggests ‘glue’. In a means, you might image collagen because the fibrous protein glue that holds your physique in a single piece!
  • Gram for gram, Sort 1 collagen is stronger than metal.
  • Our physique produces collagen. Nevertheless, this manufacturing begins reducing at about age 35.
  • By age 40, our physique’s collagen shops start to diminish quicker than the physique can exchange them. That is when ageing indicators turn into extra evident.
  • As we attain 60, over 50% of the collagen within the physique will probably be lengthy gone.

In addition to containing collagen, the next meals are additionally wealthy in numerous vitamins that assist the physique produce collagen. These meals additionally include vitamins that shield our physique’s collagen towards stressors comparable to UV radiation, toxins, and microbes.

1. Harder cuts of beef that incorporates rather a lot of connective tissue.

Beef chuck or shoulder, beef spherical (the hind leg of the animal), and comparable cuts of meats are wealthy in collagen. Make certain to prepare dinner the meat lengthy sufficient and slowly (that’s, on low warmth) – it will make sure that your physique can take pleasure in most of the collagen within the meat.

2. Hen

Particularly the breast half. Once more, you need to prepare dinner your hen completely on low to medium warmth.

three. Eggs

Analysis signifies that hen eggs include collagen particularly the yolks and the thick outer and skinny inside membranes of the egg.

four. Bone broth

Why do you assume hen soup is a well-known treatment for the widespread chilly?

Sure, it’s heat and straightforward to swallow if you’re sick. However, extra importantly, animal tissue, particularly bones and connective tissue, are terrific sources of collagen.

Take a look at this video in case you’re unsure how to make your personal bone broth.

How can collagen assist with the widespread chilly? I’ll cowl this in a bit. However first let’s speak about gelatin.

Though collagen powder and gelatin look and style virtually the identical, they don’t seem to be the identical factor. Put merely, gelatin is the product you get when collagen is heated (throughout cooking, as an example).

Why do you have to care?

Easy: if a recipe requires gelatin and you employ collagen as an alternative, you’ll have an epic (liquid) fail. As a result of collagen doesn’t thicken liquids in any respect. Nevertheless, a single tablespoon of gelatin is sufficient to firmly congeal two cups of liquid!

How are you able to inform the distinction between collagen and gelatin?

Don’t fear, there’s no testing concerned. You possibly can merely verify the label.

If a product mentions any of the next, know that you simply’re coping with collagen powder:

  • Collagen hydrosylate (commonest alias)
  • Collagen peptides
  • Hydrolyzed collagen
  • Hydrolyzed collagen protein
  • Hydrolyzed collagen peptides
  • Hydrolyzed gelatin(e)
  • Hydrolyzed gelatin(e) collagen

What’s collagen powder?

Collagen powder (hydrolyzed collagen) is produced from collagen utilizing a course of generally known as hydrolysis. This course of breaks down the collagen strands and chain of amino acids it accommodates into smaller items.

What’s the distinction between hydrolyzed collagen and gelatin?

Whereas collagen and gelatin include the identical amino acids, the amino acid chains in collagen powder or hydrolyzed collagen are smaller due to the hydrolysis course of. As such, the physique might take up over 90% of hydrolyzed collagen in contrast to about 27% or much less in meals.

Furthermore, pure gelatin will solely dissolve in scorching water whereas collagen powder will dissolve in each cold and hot water.

And as talked about earlier, solely gelatin will trigger liquids to thicken – collagen won’t. Simply keep in mind: solely gelatin gels!

Now that you simply’ve been launched to each collagen and gelatin, let’s take a look on the well being advantages of collagen. Or is collagen simply one other meals that has been over-mediatized?

Since gelatin and collagen have the identical amino acid profile, each merchandise have comparable well being advantages.

1. Collagen is a useful digestive assist.

Do you typically have heartburns or really feel bloated after consuming? Or perhaps you are feeling that your meals simply ‘sits’ in your abdomen?

Properly, these indicators typically point out that you simply lack abdomen acid. Taking collagen might assist enhance your digestion thanks to the glycine it incorporates. That’s as a result of the amino acid glycine can normalize abdomen acid manufacturing. In truth, supplementation with glycine was discovered to be therapeutic in instances of GERD (gastro-esophageal reflux illness).

Furthermore, glycine additionally helps the manufacturing of bile which the physique wants to digest fat and take up fat-soluble nutritional vitamins.

However that’s not all: collagen stays hydrophilic (water-loving) even whenever you warmth it. Since hydrophilic meals mix nicely with digestive juices, collagen may help your physique higher digest cooked meals.

2. Collagen might help heal the intestine.

Have you ever ever heard of elevated intestinal permeability a.okay.a. leaky intestine?

In a nutshell, the intestinal cells possess tight junctions which permit vitamins within the physique. These tight junctions additionally forestall toxins, undigested meals particles, and dangerous micro organism from getting into the physique.

Nevertheless, if the intestine is unhealthy, the tight junctions will stay open once they shouldn’t. This will increase the intestine’s permeability and causes the intestine to turn out to be ‘leaky’. If this occurs, dangerous substances can be in a position to cross over into the bloodstream the place they will trigger a number of well being points.

As an example, a leaky intestine has been linked to elevated dangers of melancholy, pimples, autoimmune illnesses, hormonal imbalances, and numerous meals sensitivities. A leaky intestine additionally weakens the immune system and may make you extra weak to the widespread chilly.

So how can collagen assist?

Collagen incorporates glutamine, an amino acid that may assist rebuild the broken intestinal junctions. This restores the integrity of the intestine which, in flip, tones down irritation.

A more healthy intestine additionally equals a calmer and stronger immune system.

Furthermore, collagen absorbs water and helps hold liquids in your intestine. This might help enhance intestinal transit, the quantity of time meals takes to transfer out of the physique.

three. Collagen can maintain your ticker in fine condition.

What do you assume retains your blood vessels robust? Wholesome collagen, of course! The physique makes use of collagen to restore injury prompted to blood vessels.

Nevertheless, in case your physique doesn’t have sufficient collagen, will probably be pressured to restore blood vessels through the use of plaque patches. Sure, these are build-ups of fats within the arteries which trigger arteries to harden and improve the dangers of coronary heart illness.

In different phrases, getting sufficient vitamin C (to assist your physique produce collagen) and growing your consumption of collagen will help shield your coronary heart.

four. Collagen alleviates fibromyalgia and joint ache.

In a small medical research, hydrolyzed collagen was discovered to dramatically scale back fibromyalgia and joint ache.

You see, our joints are lined with cartilage, a connective tissue that absorbs bodily shocks and helps with movement. This cartilage is usually composed of collagen which reduces friction between the joints and retains them supple.

Nevertheless, continual irritation, a marker of autoimmune illnesses like fibromyalgia and arthritis, can progressively injury this cartilage. This leads to joint ache and stiff joints.

In the event you endure from fibromyalgia and joint ache, growing your collagen consumption might help thanks to the amino acids glycine and proline. To spice up the collagen’s effectiveness, attempt the autoimmune paleo eating regimen which is efficient at decreasing irritation.

5. Collagen repairs connective tissues.

Consuming collagen will increase blood ranges of collagen peptides (branches of amino acids that make up collagen). This, in flip, may help enhance the composition and measurement of the fibers that make up connective tissues. Put merely, collagen might help strengthen connective tissues by enhancing their mechanical properties.

6. Collagen enhances liver perform.

Collagen is of course wealthy within the amino acid glycine which has been discovered to scale back liver injury brought on by toxins or alcohol.

Glycine is concerned within the liver’s part II detox pathway the place it binds to numerous toxins and facilitates their excretion from the physique.

Take a look at this text when you’re involved in studying extra about how to do an efficient and pure liver detox.

7. Collagen can maintain you full longer, naturally.

Should you’re in a rush within the morning, it’s your decision to add some collagen to a inexperienced smoothie. Analysis signifies that collagen proteins are 40% extra satiating than different varieties of protein dietary supplements. As such, consuming collagen might enable you to eat 20% much less in your subsequent meal.


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